Thursday, October 28, 2010

Market slipped into red at the last hour

Equity Markets closed on bad note by the end of day , today being expiry in F&O was bit amused at the lightening speed by which market changed direction from Green to Red in mater of few mins.
Vertical Drop in Nifty

 And this is what happened at Reliance Counter at around the same time.

 A More Detailed look at the time span and the Volume in Nifty .See the Slide in Nifty started from 2.55 pm.
And also i am bit surprised on the volume in Nifty at the end of day , still i have doubts on the contributions to huge volumes at last few minutes of trading

Here is what happened at the reliance counter at the same time around 2.55 pm , Infact its the other way round , since this slide happened at the reliance counter i believe entire market went into some sort of panic mode for few mins.

 Its obvious since of the all 50 stocks in Nifty50  reliance stock  having maximum weightage in Nifty we can expect this sort of correlation . It only amused me cause being today a expiry day and market tanked in few mins made me to believe that market participants are  trading more in heavily traded and large cap companies.

I haven't seen the rollover into November series may be will try analyze. I guess November will be a Make or Break for Markets.Will try to post another before QE2 comes

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