Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Market Today

Today's Market was flat till 1.30 pm and latter part of session we had a huge volatility that led to market crossing critical resistance point of 5180 as told on News in the  morning. So what exactly made this market to fall  in the last  hour,We know market movement is based on supply and demand. At first instance it appeared to me that "EURO Crisis" which is happening in that region made our index to fall ,mean investors are afraid of index going down anytime soon and sold of in a hurry and might have exited once it breached 5200 . But of late FII are buying into nifty for quite some time inline with corporates showing good results with few exceptions and we had 30+ consecutive net buy sessions by FII..that indicates FII are not here to sell anytime soon..So what Exactly made this fall ? who knows? only thing we can do is speculate and see if we are lucky ...

So here is what i speculate of today's happening

Euro region has few problems which i clearly don't understand apart from the budget deficit which i hear in news and amount of money needs to rollover to close that GAP..Of which Greece is having a major problem for now and it might go for bankrupt and taking a few countries along with it . This will make demand for metals to fall . why metals? Metals are basic  raw material for majority of  industrial products..right from toothpaste to buildings...So fear of Greece and weak demand for metals made most of the metal stocks investors to close there positions which in turn gave pressure to other sectors and made a weak market sentiment.

But other thing which is coming into my mind is ..recently metal producers(Steel Mining companies went for Price hike of metals) Now what made them to increase the price at this time? Are they Expecting increase in Demand for metals in coming days? If so then today's fall might be reversed in coming days(How many Days?one month?..Two months?... :) who knows)

More Statistics coming in another post later in the day

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