Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Game Started

Am wondering at myself for writing to this . Guess ? FIFA World Cup ..nopes Games are yet to start..have to wait for another 23 Days. So something made me to write this.right?.Yes, we do see Games Daily in our life and  Games are played between Two players who take decision or combination of decisions for a particular outcome ,but the fate of player is not only dependent on his decisions but also on other players,but most of them seem to be important to us .

But off late am finding few games to be interesting ,one such is the game played between Player A consisting of traders ,investors,speculators,bankers,officials of(on) EURO Region and Player B of the same pool of (on) Non-Euro region in Order
Player A thinks Player B is playing with there market and making its currency and market to go down ,yields on bonds up etc..And Player B thinks Player A is in Bad shape and it will default and pulls out all his money from there market.Since Player B is pulling out his money from there market ,Player A also starts pulling out his money from the market there by making the market to go down south in first few days of this month

Another Set is by Officials who think that players are taking away money afraid of countries going default in turn making with Euro hot , Here comes the Officials who in-turn want to cool the temperature by infusing 
1 Trillion Package,Central Bank buying the bonds, and giving cushion to euro by arranging swap with dollars.

Again the Player B feels conditions are improved,confidence is back then he  brings back the money into market expecting that Player A's Debt problem is solved  in-turn Player A also brings money into market cause player B has brought  money into market after the debt problem is solved for now

Here if both the players think they are Safe than they make the market to go up like anything and both can win,We have 3 possibilities
1) Both Winning
but once a player gets suspicion or not confident then we will have 2 other possibilities
1 ) One player might win other will loose
2) Both might loose if no one has confidence on each other

For now Officials brought peace into market ,but there are always people looking in  microscope to identify the defects .Once this confidence is gone..we might see another leg of turmoil in near future

Apart from this am playing another game whose pay off is not in favor of me right now ..hehe :)

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