Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Buying and Selling of FII vs DII

Here we can what exactly happened during this week with respect to purchase and selling of FII and DII.
I didnt capture the swing in index price,just placed closing price for the day for now..but its enough to make a few inferences about NIFTY.

Nifty was around 5250 at start of month then greece problems were taken seriously by markets around the world and started to slide we see that Domestic Institutional Investors were net buyers on  5th and 6th and 7th and FII were selling inturn pulling the market down and making good returns. Again on Mondy they were the net buyers and made the market to go up...it looks like FII's are buying at low price and selling at high price and DII's are buying at high price and selling at low price ..so we expect FII to sell around 5250 and DII;s buying at the levels...will see in coming days :)

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