Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch List

Posting these stocks over here so that i want to keep track of it .
Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd. 72
Indage Vintners Ltd. 37
Blue Bird (India) Lt 17
PVP Ventures Ltd. 17

  • texmo came up with IPO and failed at box office..Need to see the business model  of this company which entered into industry which has high competition
  • Indage is wine making company and the promoters instead of making wine and selling it to us themselves consumed it inturn there balance sheet went into red
    • Fell from 600 levels to 40+ levels
  • BlueBird india is into printing books and in the world of digitization they don't have a back up business plan and started getting less orders
    • Fell from 60+ levels to 15+
  • PVP Ventures is by a NRI business man who had a large properties in and around chennai, This guy has a uncanny ability of picking companies at low valuation and improving the business and sells at high value( example is Aircel..which is well used in South india)
    • Fell from 70+ to 20+ levels

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