Thursday, April 22, 2010

Musings of Options Trading..loaded with confusion,absent mindedness and excitement

Location:Same Office Desk

Its another day of confusion , absent mindedness and bit of excitement coming together on same day
First it started with myself as usual at 9.30 am, got up switched on mini with  eyes closed..and as u know opened to see the initial trend of market and was not surprised to see it in flat below previous close value . opened cnbc and same guy udyain with his usual stare at monitor told about the rising stocks ,falling stocks and upcoming results....

Have seen a tamasha for first time..they called up a young CEO of ZEE News am not sure of his name..and they (Udayain and some other lady) asked him about to tell about this companies performance this year and future growth prospects...and as u know CEO will generally say that there growth is better than industry growth and it will be same going forward..blah .blah...Now this Growth caught the attention of lady and she asked him to elaborate on this revenue which channel in ZEE News is giving how much revenue..(ZEE News is DTH chanel and it has few other regional channel under its belt and its a paid Hindi news channel )... And the CEO was bit hesitant to provide these CNBC people tone changed a bit and were asking him questions in a interrogation way and that guy was feeling uneasy ..and he said ZEE news delivers information to public in the same way other news channels does...this brought CNBC people a bit angry and the CEO dared to say that you(TV18.....CNBC is part of TV18) also does the same...this made the CNBC people to close the call the ZEE News CEO...vow..what a pity...fighting over media...any way...that's not what i  am expecting  from news channel.....

so i started looking at options value and still NIFTY 5200 put was around 25 to 30 and already i am holding it at 40 rs thought of averaging it and the same way nifty 5300 Call was around 20 Rs holding it 25...
This happend at A u can see it in the picture attached ...and its not making me intrested while watching the news..i slept off again till 11.30...

Surprised to see the market went up by .8% i guess some confusion would have happened and market went up and nifty 5200 put decreased to 15 i guess..and now i am concentrating 5300 put as it came to 60 at location B (in the pic) i got 5300 put at 55...

Now i have at B position in figure
5200 put @ 40
5300 put @55
5300 call @25

total : 5500
so i started to office..and by the time i came here...

1 lot 5200 put @ 10
1 lot 5300 put @35
1 lot 5300 call @45
total : 4000
but disappointed as i was in loss

and at position C  i aggressively purchased one more put of 5300 at 30 rs...and sold 5300 call which gave me return bit it could have been given much more

Now the real excitement happened after me coming from lunch and market is in final 30 mins of trading and the slide started was falling with a slope of near 90( bit of exaggeration)..and all of a sudden from my loss positions i was into profit in few mins..

This is at position D
1 lot 5200 put @ 40
2lot 5300 put @80
total :10000

total profit of 4500 rs MTM

in a bit of madness i just closed 5300 put at 60 Itself and closed 5200 put at 41
effectively trimming my profits...Lesson learn

thats all for todays confusion and excitement and coming to Absent Mindedness

First  :
i started to office i locked my room and came down..then i remembered that i didn't do brush in morning ..hahah .so started back again to my room ....

Second :
After brushing i locked room and started to office again...after going some distance i have a habbit if eating choclates and to take money  i kept my hand on my back to my surprise there is no purse ..hehe..again i went back and took the purse and started to office again...

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