Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who leaked the liberham report?

I also joined the bandwagaon of questiong (BTW who am i asking this ? ...i guess to myself...since my words are not heard by the govt)...so coming to point. who is responsible for the leakage of this report? how to find this ? dont have any clue right...mee to no as of now

but i can see that NDTV got the report first as they boast it by sharing on their server or is it INDIAN EXpress which claims it has printed the report first in the newspaper, whoever it be,,either of them had reported first as they say..so why can't we book them and ask how gave the report to them ? is it not possible ?

When we know that one report is with liberham and other with home minister. how come a copy went to media? someone in homeministry leaked it right? since justice liberham is sincere i beleiev

now why did they leaked to media is another question which is asking me ? is it ruling party got kicked in a@@ by the entire opposition coming together in attacking UPA on farmers issue
i guess so..to divert the blame on govt on price rise issue govt looks wantedly side track the issue and divide the opposition

congrats to govt

now its too late for me to post it now..will resume it tomorrow Thanks
Pradeep Reddy Lekkala

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