Friday, November 13, 2009

Holy Link of Stock Market

I Call the below Link as Holy cause it gives one a fair idea where markets is headed.

When i say markets i mean whole global markets in which trade is done day to day in specified time hours.One important thing about this is ICE' Inter Continental Exchange" what a name... from past few days am following this link where it gives Dollar index which is traded in ICE which gives DOLLAR value in International Market

This Dollar Index is dictating the terms in Worlds financial Markets.At least this is what i believe for now

If you see the trend for the past 1 yr it gives a fair idea .You can see that it peaked in March-April..Remember at that time at least our INDEX (both SENSEX and NIFTY) are down..From then on if you see Its going down like anything .Reason i don't know as of now...What i think ...FED has printed a lot of money and distributed in market just like that .(very crude of saying..will tell you the exact phrase later on....) as Liquidity is increased dollar value becomes low as long as FED doesnt increase Rate its going be like that .

Now coming into Indian Markets, the run up in market is due to low interest Cash in Dollar
(infact its not low intrest its ZERO intrest dollar borrowed overseas is Coming into Indian Markets (you see emerging markets in news...this is nothing but countries like india and china ,austriala etc...) and thus creating a t Bubble in Equities and raising a bubble ,but till what point can this bubble raise , it can raise as long as that run up is supported by the fundamentals of the economy , it gave a decent IIP number for last month (Though i dont have much knowledge on IIP}.

Now the question is what will happen once Dollar starts climbing?

Am afraid i huge sell off is coming in near months

Watch This Space ffor More Updates

By a one who wants to become------

Intelligent Investor

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