Monday, September 14, 2009

Where is market heading ?

Off late am seeing many people posting questions to so called experts about the direction
in which market is heading , i believe am also one among them if given a chance. am not here to
undermine their abilities am just wondering where all did these experts go when market fared badly and what reco's they gave to investors about the direction
which made me believe that all are not correct .
Coming to the market here is the expert
(in making ..till will tell )I believe this is short term bull market which might end some where around 17500 to 18000
until unless fundamentals improve this will not get past that mark
Although speculators are going for a kill whenever they had the opportunity
but this trading range is not good for long term investors, also long term investors
should buy stocks when everyone is selling them and should sell when every one buys

will take u through EPS,P/E and historical values,Fundamentals in my analysis

...Will keep more of my analysis in later posts

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