Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Visibility

Was observing PSTL for a very long time and i did see it stayed in around 20 for some time before getting settled at around 27 to 28 . Coming to the potential for this stock i believe this is not the real value which its holding as of now ,it will be much more than current MP. Though i am new to this field from some understanding of finance i can see that total market cap of this company is around 80 crores and now they are rasing funds of the size of 500 Crore ( i am missing anything) .company is making some plans to improve its business after some stuff happened late last year .
If you look at the EPS of the company right now its negative due to write downs made due to business but when u look for the future of this company i strongly believe it can deliver some Good Return when investors show some intrest in it

Right now its my underdog

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