Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baltic Dry Index is sleeping

See the link below which shows that BALTIC DRY INDEX is not at all moving.

With knowledge i have BDI is calculated on the no ships in sea which are on business mean taking cargo from one place to place ..that implies export and import activity . July early BDI was at its peak due do heavy purchase of raw materials by china to increase its stock pile and also concerns of monsoon might restrict the number of ships engaged in business so i feel it increased at that time . Now if economic activity has to increase it has to start from imports /exports ,because for any business raw material is needed to start the activity . So ships have to be in business but here in this index am not seeing any relation of that kind i missing anything..may be in next post i will include the price of booking a ship which might tell the actual demand of ships....guess that in turn should reflect the economic activity

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